Science Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun science puzzles.

Pasta, Pronto


A Gap in the Railroad

Cozy Ice Cream

Game On!

Cold to the Touch

One Ray Only

Is It Balanced?

What Is Round and Spins With Teeth All Over?

Stuck in a Tight Spot

Polar Pastry Prep

Pizza Burn

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Mobile Mischief

The Heaviest Ornament

El the Elephant

Breaking Point

Connected Gears


Compound Comparison

A Tight Fit

Order the Ornaments

All the Ornaments

A Different Type of Thermometer

Reflection Angle Wrangling

Race to the Bank

Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Elephant Elevator

How's It Hanging?

Balance by Ones

Plates in Crates Are Falling Off the Truck

Two More Ornaments

Share the Volts

Catching Treasure

Triumphant Balance

Flowing Heat

Play It By Gear

Hunt or Shunt?

A Stabilizing Swap

How Many Elephants?

Supersonic Bouncy Ball

Balanced Perfection

Will the Toy Submarine Sink or Float?

Balancing Act

One More Ornament

A Surprising Shortcut

Can You Find Light in the Darkness?

Suspended Elephants

Not-So-Bouncy Balls

Mysterious New Ornaments

Balancing Act

Kick the Ball Down the Track

Keep It Balanced

Shifting Supports

Three-Ball Bounce

Bird Balance

Racing Bubbles

All Aboard the Gear Train

Bringing Balance to the Mobile

Collision of the Clones

More Sugar Shenanigans

A Light-Saving Puzzle

A Three-Ball Bounce

Seasonal Phone Fashion

A Daring Rescue

House of Mirrors

High-Water Crossing

Mobile Maximalism

Objects in Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

Falling Bubbles

The World's First Vaccine

Are Two Springs Always Stiffer Than One?

What Is Fire?

Do Temperatures Change More at the Beach?

Does a Breeze Always Make Us Feel Cooler?

Is the Water as Cool as It Feels?

What Gives a Flame Its Color?

A Forgotten Phone

Will Wind Chill Damage This Phone?

Don't Lose These Rocks

Fast Dogs, Woof!

Blowing in the Wind

Rolling With Less Resistance?

Faster than Light?

Flames: Another Burning Question

Which Hits First?

Losing Your Marbles

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun science puzzles.