Logic Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun logic puzzles.

Knight, Knave, or Joker?

Next to G

Crack the Code!

What's the Overlap?

Did You Miss Any?

1 + 1 = 10?

Can You Solve by Eliminating?

Completely Covered?

Geometry Grades

Blank Spaces

What's the Weight?

How Do They Fit?

How Can You Make One Question Count?

What's Bob's Number?

Place the Pieces

Take One

Circular Reasoning

把Them in Place

Completely Covered?

Adjacent Pieces

Only One of These Is True?

The Brillianty Derby

There Won't Be a Sea Battle Tomorrow. (Or Will There?)

Corner to Corner

Whose Shoes?

What Is Base Four-Thirds?

Where M I?

Canine Chaos

Is This Nonsense?

A Mysterious List

Big Winners

Fit the Pieces Together

Tennis, Anyone?

Cut the Deck

Repeat Piece

Who Wins?

Stones in a Row

Which One Is Different?

Venn Rectangles

Fewer Than 20 Questions

Order out of Explosions?

Empty Cells

Where Does NO Go?

Bake Sale Receipts

Tic Tac Token

Can You Always Win?

Cookies and Cupcakes

How Many Stones?

Can You Find the Truth?

False + False = True

Clubbing with Trolls

Curious Clues

Don't Be Left with the Lemon

Take the Last Stone

Get a Clue

Truth xor Lie?

Pick the Right Number to Win

Which Square to Subtract?

What's in the Box?


Move the Stack


Can You Prove Hesperus is Venus?

Decreasing Nim

What Color is Shinoy's Hat?

Coin Toss Telepathy

Turn Over the Cards

Will They Agree?

Solve for X

Who Could Have Done It?

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun logic puzzles.