Electricity and Waves Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun electricity and waves puzzles.

Why Couldn't Galileo Measure the Speed of Light?

Mercury vs. Mars: How Does the Sun's Intensity Differ?

Can You Build a Harmony?

Henrich Hertz & The Mysterious Photoelectrons

Earthquakes and Seismograms!

Can You Locate the Epicenter?

Starlink vs the New York Stock Exchange

Harmonious Vibrations

Duck in Difficulty

The Brightest Observed Astronomical Event on Record



Mallard Musical Chairs

Can You Engineer These Noise-Canceling Headphones?

Fill the Room with Sound

Lights in the Night

Does Sound Travel Farther in the Cold?

Ducks Meet Wall

Music in the Cold

Can You Track a Drone With Sound?

Clingy Charges

Magnetic Protection

Remove One

How Much Does an Atom Weigh?

Thunder for Sale

Don't Try This at Home

The Line of Least Resistance

Hidden Electricity

Two Bulbs, Three Bulbs

The Diode's Share

A Shoestring Firework Display


Not Bright Enough

Shine Bright Like a Bulb

Turn on the Lights

The Secret of the Resistor Maze

A Shining Example

Sharing the Leftovers

Is Less More?

The Paths of Electricity

Faraday Cage

An Unneighborly Battery

Where Will the Lightning Strike?

Generating Electricity From Electricity

Where Are All the Solar Cars?

The Reason for the Seasons

Sloping Solar Panels

Is Sunlight Enough?

Nested Greenhouses

Brilliant Blue

Making Electricity at Home

Save Us from Sunlight

How Much Carbon Do You Emit Per Day?

Sun in a Box

Magnifying Sunlight

How Cold is Earth?

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun electricity and waves puzzles.